Sunday, August 14, 2011

My ILSb Contest Speech

During the ILSb contest each contestant was required to give a speech of up to 120 seconds in length.    I have received several requests to post my speech online for others to read, so here it is.  I began writing this speech several months before the ILSb contest and continued to refine it as the contest approached.

"Good evening esteemed judges…and my kinky brothers and sisters!

I am Alan Penrod, Southeast LeatherSIR … and I am a very blessed man … because I get to share my life with my two boys…both of whom are here with me tonight.

Nitro, who I am honored to be sharing this stage with tonight, has grown into a strong, confident alpha boy … while his brother [Scott] has come to embrace and own his slave heart.

I am telling you about my boys because it clearly demonstrates my role and my responsibility as their SIR; to allow each of them to grow into the boys “they” want to be and to allow each of them have a voice … not only in our home, but in the community that they serve. 

It is my responsibility to teach them how to use their voice appropriately; because it is in the eyes of my boys that others in the community see who I am. 

There is no doubt in my mind!  If it wasn’t for the strength, the love, and the service of my two boys, I would not be the SIR that you see standing here on this stage tonight. 

So, to my beautiful boys … know that I love you and I thank you.

…And to each of you here tonight, thank you for supporting International LeatherSIR/Leatherboy and International Community Bootblack.

Have a wonderful evening!"

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