Friday, October 21, 2011

Fuck the Politics...Let's Play!

I have had numerous requests to post the introductory speech I gave during this year's Southeast Black and Blue Satruday night contests, so here it is:


Fuck the Politics...Let's Play

Welcome to Southeast Black and Blue Weekend:

Good evening everyone, I am Alan Penrod, International LeatherSIR 2011

Welcome to our first Southeast Black and Blue Weekend!  A weekend where we can come together as a community of “players” and embrace who we truly are as Leathermen, Leather women, and hard playing, sex loving kinksters.

If you are player, no matter what gets you off; no matter if this is this first time you have ever been to the Eagle or whether you have been in the lifestyle for 25 years, this weekend is for you! No matter whether you are gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, transgender, or anything else, if you are a player this weekend is for you!

Tonight, Southeast Black and Blue, LLC is proud to re-introduce to Atlanta and the six states that make up the southeast region, three great players contests that called Atlanta home several years ago:  Southeast LeatherSIR, Southeast Leatherboy, and Southeast Community Bootblack. These three great contests, combined with our Mr. Southeast Rubber contest, have made for one hot, sexy, steamy, play-filled weekend.

This weekend is an opportunity for Leather, Rubber and BDSM players from Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, and South Carolina to come together and show the rest of country why we are still called “the dirty south”!

While the contests are what brought many of us here this evening, this weekend is about so much more.  This weekend we celebrate what it truly means to march to the beat of a different drummer.  This weekend is a celebration of our rich history and an affirmation of our culture as Leather folk and players. 

This weekend is not about community politics, it’s not about having to always be politically correct, and it is not about politically-charged titleholder platforms. This weekend is not about conforming to someone else’s view of how you should act, what you should do, or who you should be.

This weekend is about embracing the sexual rebel that is inside all of us! This weekend is about being who YOU are, it’s about doing what YOU like to do, it’s about having the sex that YOU like to have, and playing the way YOU want to play. This weekend is about marching to the beat of your own drum and being accepted and respected for that!

This weekend and its contests are about the fun side of leathersex, rubbersex, and BDSM.  It is about getting back to why we are Leathermen, Leather women, and rubber players in the first place:  because it’s fun, it’s sensual, it’s hot, it’s sweaty … sometimes it’s just downright dirty … it’s just what we do!

So, to sum up the intent of this weekend of events in a single phrase:  “Fuck the politics, let’s play!

About the Southeast LeatherSIR and Leatherboy Contests:

The Southeast LeatherSIR and Southeast Leatherboy contests embody our community’s rich diversity while remaining true to its history.  If you are gay and legally indentify as a male, you are eligible to compete for either of these two titles

So what are these two contests all about? To find your answer simply open the pages of an old DRUMMER magazine.  This [DRUMMER] my friends is where these two contests began. 

The contestants competing for the titles of LeatherSIR and Leatherboy will be reaching back to our contest’s roots. Reaching back to the days of Drummer Magazine; back to the days of the Mr. Drummer and drummer boy contests of the 70s, 80s, and 90s; back to the days when we celebrated and embraced radical sex; back to the days when we searched for the sexual rebel. Southeast Black and Blue brings back these players contests.

Look in the pages of a Drummer Magazine. Look in pages of today’s radical sex magazine: “Instigator”!  That is what the Southeast LeatherSIR and Southeast Leatherboy contests are all about.

The players community has a rich and beautiful history of leathersex and this weekend we kick-off a new era here in the south of embracing our hard … sweaty…kinky… rebel sex!

The Dirty South Rises Again!

After a couple of relatively quiet years the dirty south rises like a phoenix in 2011 as we saw three of our local/regional titleholders go on to claim International Players Titles. In November 2010, G-Man won the 2011 Mr. International Rubber Contest in Chicago.  Then, this past July in San Francisco me and Nitro went on the win the 2011 International LeatherSIR/boy contests. It is with these successes that the southeast region welcomes a new event called Southeast Black and Blue Weekend. Calling Atlanta its home, Southeast Black and Blue (SEBB) is a weekend for leather, rubber, and fetish enthusiasts from all walks of life to celebrate who we are as players.  This event serves to remind the rest of the nation why we are still called the “Dirty South”!

The public portion of the weekend festivities began Friday night with our SEBB Meet and Greet at the Atlanta Eagle.  This is actually one of my favorite parts of the entire weekend.  Robby and Jack from the Eagle gave us the lower level patio bar where we set up intense BDSM demos, the bootblack contestant Interpersonal Skills station, and where the members of our local Leather club, Panther L/L tended bar and sold jell-o shooters.  All of the tips raised at the bar as well as all jell-o shooter proceeds were donated to the SEBB Titleholders fund. This was an opportunity for the contestants and judges to get to know one another in a more casual setting as well as offer the judges an opportunity to see how each contestant interacts in public with weekend guests and bar patrons.

I teamed up with Insatiable Amazon (Producer of Southeast Olympus) to conduct an intense and sometimes amusing Violet Wand and Stun Gun demo with our slaves.  In addition, Archer provided an incredible Single Tail demo followed by Marshall (International Leatherboy 2006) with his flogging demo. All of the demos were real crowd pleasers.

At 11:00pm our bootblack contestant set up for her interpersonal skills demonstration.  The bootblack judges had 60 minutes to observe how girl dale interacted with her customers.

During the night we had several volunteers going around selling raffle tickets for some great prize drawings to be held during the Saturday evening portion of the contest.

The Friday evening event wrapped up around 3:00am and was very well attended. Well over100 people packed the patio deck to enjoy the kick-off of our first SEBB Weekend. The fun didn’t end there as we heard several reports the next day of some fun private parties that kept many of our out of town guests quite entertained through the following morning.

One thing that we tried to do is make the judging experience as pleasant and fun as possible for those people who have volunteered their time to help us select our titleholders.  To that end we were committed to valuing the judges need for proper rest and time to eat good meals. So instead of starting our day at the early in the morning, the judges all met at the Atlanta Eagle on Saturday afternoon at 1:00pm for the Bootblack Technical Boot, Speech and Personal Interview portions of the contest.  We tried something a little different this year by combining the speech portion of the contest with the closed personal interview.  We did this in order to allow the judges an opportunity to ask the contestants questions about their speech.  This arrangement was very well received by the judges and the contestants.  This portion of the contest concluded at about 3pm. After the interviews were done the judges left the eagle to eat, rest and get ready for the evening’s festivities.

At 5:00pm the Atlanta Eagle was hoping again for a BBQ and $5 beer bust which we named the “Find your Kink BBQ”.  During the BBQ we had a Leather vendor, LeatherHorse Gear, set up to sell leather gear as well as a Leather Swap table of donated gear for sale. All of the proceeds from the gear swap went to the SEBB titleholders travel fund.

During the BBQ there were demo stations set up throughout the bar where people could observe and try out different kinks that they wanted to.  The afternoon kink demo stations included single tails, flogging, paddling, caning, violet wands & stun guns, rope harnesses, and a buzz-cut station.  This was also a time for open bootblacking. Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun and the BQQ raised over $300 for the travel fund.

The Saturday evening contest began at 8:15pm in front of a crowd of about 100 or so spectators.  As the contest continued the crowd steadily increased in size.  The emcees for the night were the three current ILSb Titleholders: myself, Nitro and Luna (International Community Bootblack 2011). We had two A.S.L. sign interpreters who volunteered their services to translate the contest as needed.  The bootblack was judged on the final category Leather Image in which she made three appearances on stage, one of which was to auction off her two baskets for the travel fund.  The judges used all three of these stage appearances to arrive at a score for the Leather Image portion of the bootblack contest. The rubber contestant was judged on Rubber Image, Play Gear, and Grab Bag Fantasy. Me and Nitro performed our fantasy scene that we did at ILSb which turned out to be a real of the crowd pleaser again. By the end of the evening contest the entire bar was filled wall to wall with people and it was a very enthusiastic and interactive crowd. 

We raised a total of $2,325.50 for the titleholders travel fund over the course of the weekend from things such as our 24 page Sponsors Book, Friday night Panther L/L bar tips, Raffle, Auctions, BBQ Donations, and Gear Swap. 

At the end of the contest we had two new Southeast Titleholders: girl dale our 2012 Southeast Community Bootblack and Jamie Payne our 2012 Mr. Southeast Rubber.

I would like to thank our contest judges for the weekend:
Alex Lindsay, American Leatherman 2009
Boy Dave Hudson, Southeast Bootblack 2011
Red Warrior, International Community Bootblack, 2011
Nefarious, Mr. Southeast LeatherFest 2009
Boy Andy, South Carolina Leatherboy 2011
G-Man, Mr. International Rubber 2011
Pamm, Lloyd E. Russell Foundation and Ms. Atlanta Eagle 2001
Ben Carter, Mr. SECC 2011
Loren Berthelson, Editor-In-Chief,
Master Dan, local rope bondage instructor

Dallas Rocks the Gulf Coast

During the weekend of September 23-24, 2011 I had the great pleasure of attending and judging the Gulf Coast Regional LeatherSIR and Leatherboy contests.  The weekend of events began Friday evening with a contestant and judges Meet and Greet which was held at the Dallas Eagle. The meet and greet was an opportunity for people to meet the contestants, judges, tally masters, contest producers, and other contest staff. During the introductions the contest judges and bar patrons were introduced to the two SIR contestants (Sir Trust, aka Peter Reid and Jack Duke) and one boy contestant (Michael Dang).  After the introductions there were several live auctions and a silent auction of several donated items.

Saturday morning began very early with contestant interviews beginning at 9:30am. The interviews went relatively well with two of the interviews being particularly entertaining, especially when the contestants were asked direct questions about the types of sex and play they enjoy most. The one thing that continues to trouble me as a contest judge is that oftentimes contestants are completely unaware of the history of the contests which they are competing.  This field of contestants was no exception as two of the three contestants struggled to answer questions concerning the history and purpose of the LeatherSIR/boy contests and it connection to DRUMMER.  The greater disappointment is that this was not the first time I had interviewed LeatherSIR/boy contestants that were unfamiliar with the historical nature of our contests.  It was this realization that led to the development of the very short message that I delivered during the Saturday night public portion of the contest which went as follows:

Good evening everyone

I would like to take a moment to thank the producers of the Gulf Coast LeatherSIR/Leatherboy contests for bringing me and my boy pup Nitro to Dallas this weekend to participate in your regional contests.  I would also like to thank Jeffery and David for opening their home and hosting us this weekend. 

While we are here tonight to watch and support these contests, this weekend is about so much more.  This weekend we celebrate what it truly means to march to the beat of a different drummer.  It is a celebration and affirmation of our culture and our history as Leathermen, Leather women, and hard kinky players. 

The international LeatherSIR/Leatherboy & Community Bootblack contests more than many others… embodies our community’s rich diversity and remains true to its history … as we reach back to our roots …back to the days of Drummer Magazine and the International Drummer contests of the 70s, 80s, and 90s.  This weekend we embrace who we are … and what we love to do: hard … sweaty…kinky… leather… sex!

Tonight, we will add to our rich history as we name a new set of titleholders for the Gulf Coast Region…a new set of titleholders to represent this region at the International LeatherSIR/Leatherboy contest in San Francisco in July. 

I am honored and humbled to be part of this great event… and I Thank you for welcoming me and my boy to your beautiful city!

Thank you all and have a fantastic evening!

Speaking of the evening contest, it began with a VIP Reception at the Dallas Eagle that started at 6:30pm.  Light snacks were served and attendees had the opportunity to interact with the contestants and judges before the evening contest began.  The contest began promptly at 8:00pm.  The contest was very fun and all three contestants appear to have had a really great time. As is usually the case, the highlight of the evening was the leather sex fantasies. The fantasies were quiet entertaining and with the theme of “Fetish” it seemed oddly fitting that all of the fantasies involving animals some sort. I must say the vegan fisting the chicken was simply awesome!

As the contest drew to a close the 2012 winners were announced:

SIR Jack Duke, Gulf Coast LeatherSIR

boy Michael, Gulf Coast Leatherboy

Bootblack Brenton, agreed to serve as Gulf Coast Bootblack for another year.

I would like to congratulate Gulf Coast Producer Dan Parry and all of the contestants on a job well done.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

An Awesome Weekend in Seattle

An Awesome Weekend in Seattle

Northwest LeatherSIR/boy and Community Bootblack Contests 2012

Last weekend my sexy little pup (Nitro) and I had the honor of participating on the judging panel for the 2012 Northwest Regional LeatherSIR, Leatherboy, and Community Bootblack contests in Seattle, WA.  It was my first time in Seattle and I must say it is an absolutely beautiful city and the view of the mountains is incredible. 

We were met at the airport Friday afternoon by SIR Hugh Russell, International LeatherSIR 2010, and were joined shortly there-after by boy Renee, First Runner-Up International Leatherboy 2011.  The three of us had the privilege of staying in SIR Hugh's beautiful home for the weekend.  Sir Hugh is an incredible host and I can’t thank him enough for making this weekend so special. He fed us like Kings all weekend and made sure we were well cared for no matter where we were throughout the weekend.

Friday evening we all headed to Doghouse Leathers for the contest Meet and Greet where we joined our Title Sister, Luna, International Community Bootblack 2011.  As you can see by some of the pictures below, we make one very fun and sometimes crazy title family!  I can tell already it is going to be one outstanding title year for the three of us.

After the Meet and Greet we all made our way over to the Cuff Complex to watch Bootblack Ruin during the 90 minute Interpersonal Skills section of the contest.  I must say Ruin is an absolutely beautiful women and an outstanding bootblack. It was a real pleasure to watch Ruin care for the boots of her customers right alongside the 2011Northwest Community Bootblack, Dylan. 

After a peaceful night of sleep, Nitro and I had the opportunity to interview all three contestants Saturday morning.  The interviews were informative and very entertaining.  It was wonderful to be able to spend some quality time with each of the contestants and really get to know them on a more personal level.  Because there was only one contestant in each contest we were able to spend about 45 minutes with each of them. I appreciate the time that each contestant devoted to the judging panel during the interviews and the genuine nature of all of their responses to our sometimes difficult and deeply personal questions.

After the interviews were over the judges and contest staff were treated to lunch at Boom Noodle where we were relax together and enjoy the great conversation and outstanding food. 

Saturday evening we were back at the Cuff for the main contest. I must say that this was one of the most enjoyable and entertaining contests I have ever had the pleasure of judging.  The two emcees for the evening, SIR Hugh and Ms Lynda kept me laughing the entire evening as they set the house on fire with their humor and constant back and forth antics. All of the contestants did a great job on their speeches, fantasies, and leather image and other scored categories, and at the end of the night all three contestants successfully earned their titles.

I would like to congratulate SIR Jim, NW LeatherSIR 2012; boy danny, NW Leatherboy 2012; and Ruin, NW Community Bootblack 2012 for a job well done.  Best of luck throughout your title year and I look forward to seeing all of you in San Francisco in July!  I would also like to thank the producers of the Northwest Regional contests and their attentive volunteers for making our weekend so memorable.

After a couple of very busy weeks with local events in the Atlanta metro area Nitro and I will be heading to Dallas, TX on September 23rd for the Gulf Coast Regional contests. I look forward to seeing more of my ILSb family then.

My Updated International LeatherSIR Travel and Events Calendar




Trident Knights RunAugusta, GA
Aug 26-28, 2011
Northwest Regional LSB/CBBSeattle, WA
Sept 2-4, 2011
Gulf Coast Regional LSb/CBB   Dallas, TX
Sep 23-25, 2011
Southeast Regional LSb/CBB   Atlanta, GA
Sep 29 – Oct 1, 2011
Southeast OlympusAtlanta, GA
Oct 8, 2011
Atlanta Pride Atlanta, GA
Oct 9, 2011
Atlanta AIDS Walk    Atlanta, GA
Oct 16, 2011
Leather Vampires & Fang Bangers Atlanta, GA
Oct 29, 2011
Mr. International RubberChicago, IL
Nov 4-7, 2011
Western Canada Regional LSb/CBBCalgary, Alberta, Canada
Nov 17-21, 2011
Leather Mask Ball       Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Nov 25-27, 2011
Twelve Days of Christmas       Baltimore, MD
Dec 9-11, 2011
Twisted Toyland     Atlanta, GA
Dec 17, 2011
Northern California Regional  LSb/CBB San Francisco, CA
Feb 10-13, 2011
Eastern Canada Regional LSb/CBB   Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Feb 16-20, 2012
Florida Regional LSb/CBB        Tampa, FL
Feb 24-26, 2012
Southwest Leather Pride Regional LSb/CBB   Phoenix, AZ
Mar 2-4, 2012
CLAP/Mid Atlantic Regional LSb/CBB Baltimore, MD
Mar 23-25, 2012
International Ms Leather        San Francisco, CA
Mar 30-Apr 1, 2012
Atlanta Leather Pride                     Atlanta, GA
Apr 13-15, 2012
Spring in the South            Atlanta, GA
Apr 27-29, 2012
Tradesmen Run         Augusta, GA
May 4-6, 2012
Panther L/L Anniversary Weekend    Atlanta, GA
May 11-12, 2012
Southeast LeatherFest           Atlanta, GA
Jun 8-10, 2012
Rocky Mountain Regional LSb/CBB  Denver, CO
Jul 13-15, 2012
ILSb/ICBB & Dore Alley        San Francisco, CA
Jul 26-28, 2012
Great Lakes Regional LSb/CBB,   Indianapolis, IN
Aug 10-12, 2012

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Hot Steamy Weekend with the Trident Knights

My sexy little pup (Nitro) and I officially began our ILSb title year travel last weekend with a trip to the Parliament House Resort in hot and steamy Augusta, GA for the 18th annual club run of the Charleston, SC Trident Knights.  Because we are members of three clubs within the Southeast Conference of Clubs (SECC), we found it only fitting to begin our traveling close to home with our SECC family.  Through the years I have had the honor and privilege of participating in a large number of leather club runs and I can certainly say that the Trident Knights run this year was one of the most laid-back, enjoyable, and down-right fun club runs I have attended.

The weekend featured three hot sultry days where the temperatured neared 100 degrees (far too hot to wear my hides).  We spent the days hanging out and enjoying cocktail parties, good meals, games, and tons of laughs with our brothers and sisters by the pool.  The evenings were even hotter with demos in the Tower, play parties in the Pig Pen and Mazes, and of course those steamy late night swims that always lead me into all sorts of fun trouble.  In case you didn’t already know it, I’m not shy!

I would like to congratulate the Trident Knights on 18 fantastic years of service to our community and say thank you for an absolutely outstanding weekend!

Tonight, Pup Nitro and slave scott will be prepping our leathers and packing our bags as Nitro and I head to the great northwest.  Seattle, Washington will be our destination this weekend for the Northwest LeatherSIR, Leatherboy and Community Bootblack contests. I am looking forward to an awesome weekend.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My ILSb Contest Speech

During the ILSb contest each contestant was required to give a speech of up to 120 seconds in length.    I have received several requests to post my speech online for others to read, so here it is.  I began writing this speech several months before the ILSb contest and continued to refine it as the contest approached.

"Good evening esteemed judges…and my kinky brothers and sisters!

I am Alan Penrod, Southeast LeatherSIR … and I am a very blessed man … because I get to share my life with my two boys…both of whom are here with me tonight.

Nitro, who I am honored to be sharing this stage with tonight, has grown into a strong, confident alpha boy … while his brother [Scott] has come to embrace and own his slave heart.

I am telling you about my boys because it clearly demonstrates my role and my responsibility as their SIR; to allow each of them to grow into the boys “they” want to be and to allow each of them have a voice … not only in our home, but in the community that they serve. 

It is my responsibility to teach them how to use their voice appropriately; because it is in the eyes of my boys that others in the community see who I am. 

There is no doubt in my mind!  If it wasn’t for the strength, the love, and the service of my two boys, I would not be the SIR that you see standing here on this stage tonight. 

So, to my beautiful boys … know that I love you and I thank you.

…And to each of you here tonight, thank you for supporting International LeatherSIR/Leatherboy and International Community Bootblack.

Have a wonderful evening!"