Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hot Wax Play 101

BDSM 101
Hot Wax Play

I.                     Introduction

a.       Hot wax play involves hot wax from lighted candles being dripped or poured on any part of the body below the neck.  Paraffin (canning) wax can also be melted and poured on any part of the body below the neck.

b.      Hot wax can be the cause of an extreme burn if applied improperly.  Because of this risk and the unpredictable nature of hot wax, some people categorize wax play as “edge play”.  Safe temperatures to use when applying wax are 110-135 degrees F.

c.       Sometimes the dripping of hot wax on particularly sensitive areas of the body (chest and genitals) follows directly after a period of time in which they have been chilled with ice.

II.                  Types of candles

a.       Not all candles are made from the same type of wax.  Therefore, not all candles are suitable for hot wax play.

                                                              i.      Candles made from paraffin wax or soy are perfect for wax play because they burn at a relatively low temperature (115-135 degrees F) and they tend to burn evenly.

                                                            ii.      Never use candles made of Bees wax for wax play.  Bees wax candles burn at very high temperatures (145 degrees F+) and can cause harm to the play partner.

                                                          iii.      General rule to follow: always test each and every candle out on the back of your hand or forearm before using it on your play partner.

                                                           iv.      Soft, inexpensive, unscented, white paraffin or soy candles burn at slightly lower temperatures than colored and scented candles made of the same type of wax.

b.      Styles

                                                              i.      Pillar

1.       Great for pouring small quantities of wax

2.       Extinguish flame a minute or two prior to pouring pooled wax.

                                                            ii.      Votives

1.       Great for applying directly to the play partner and letting the melting wax drip down over the body as the candle burns.

2.       Very little temperature difference between white and colored votives.


                                                          iii.      Tealights

1.       DO NOT use tealight candles for wax play.

2.       Tealight candles burn at temperatures above 140 Degrees F and can cause harm.

                                                           iv.      Taper

1.       Great for dripping wax slowly drop by drop

2.       Can hold multiple taper candles in your hands at one time.

                                                             v.      Container

1.       Poured paraffin wax into a glass container

2.       Usually found in tall, cylinder type glass containers that allow for pooling of wax.

III.                Body Parts Commonly Used in Wax Play

a.       Anywhere on the body below the neck

                                                              i.      Nipples (most popular body part on a woman for wax play)

                                                            ii.      Genitals (most popular body part on a man for wax play)

                                                          iii.      Feet (top and bottom of foot)

                                                           iv.      Chest/Pecs/Torso

                                                             v.      Upper Back and Shoulders

                                                           vi.      Inner Thighs

                                                         vii.      Buttocks

IV.                Technique

a.       Wax cools slightly as it falls through the air.  Therefore, the higher the candle is held above the play partner’s body, the cooler the wax will be when it makes contact with the skin.

                                                              i.      Wax should feel hot upon impact with the skin, but it should not burn the skin.

                                                            ii.      The higher a candle is elevated above the body the greater the risk that the wax may splatter upon impact.

b.      Suggested positions for the play partner being waxed; please note that the overall comfort of the play partner position has a major impact on the length of the wax play session.  With proper accommodations, a wax play session can last 4 hours or more.

                                                              i.      Restrained or unrestrained spread-eagle/flat: front or back on table or bed

                                                            ii.      Bent over table, stool, or saw-horses

                                                          iii.      Standing and attached to a Saint Andrews Cross or other device

c.       Dripping and Pouring Hot Wax

                                                              i.      Prior to dripping hot wax onto your play partner, you can rub a very thin layer of baby oil over the areas of the body where hot wax will be applied.  Doing so will allow for very easy clean-up and removal of hardened wax.

                                                            ii.      For inexperienced play partners, it is best to start the session by holding the candle up high from the surface of the skin.  Carefully observe the physical responses of your play partner.  The candle can then be lowered closer to the skin once your play partner begins to adapt and channel the heat and effects of the hot wax.

                                                          iii.      Give time between drops for the wax to cool and the play partner to react to the sensations.

                                                           iv.      Wax play should always begin by dripping small droplets of wax onto areas of the body that are not overly sensitive i.e. hands, forearms, upper back, shoulders etc.

1.       Drip wax from candles or pour small quantities of melted paraffin (melted in a crock pot) from a ladle and crock pot are typical ways to apply hot wax.  Just be sure to gauge your play partner’s response carefully.

a.       Large quantities of hot wax poured onto the submissive can be harmful because the heat produced will not dissipate nearly as quickly and therefore will remain much hotter on the skin.

b.      The heat sensation of large quantities of hot wax poured onto the skin is much more difficult to channel.

c.       When pouring small quantities of pooled wax from a pillar candle, always allow the pool of wax to cool for a minute or two, then lean your head down and be ready to blow on the wax as soon as it hits the skin of your play partner.  Use extreme caution because on a burning pillar candle, the wax nearest the wick can be as hot as 250 degrees F.

d.      The best place on the body to pour small quantities of wax is onto the side of the pecs/breasts and onto the lower stomach area because the natural curves will cause the wax to run over the body like a small river.

2.       You want to bring your play partner up gradually drop by drop.  Remember, the anticipation of each drop is what creates the S/M bonding experience between the Dom and sub. So, go slow and let the experience build up.

3.       The best technique is to slowly move the candle around letting the wax fall, drop by drop, making lines or trails of wax along the body.

d.      Multiple Stimulations

                                                              i.      Gently massage the chest, stomach, or thighs while applying hot wax to the genitals

                                                            ii.      Gently massage the genitals while applying hot wax to the torso, inner thighs, or feet.

                                                          iii.      Pulling nipples while applying hot wax to the genitals

                                                           iv.      Preforming periodic oral sex on your play partner while applying hot wax to the nipples (positioning of both the Dom and sub are important to reduce the possibility of a mishap/harm).

                                                             v.      Straddling your play partner, letting him/her stroke your dick while you drip wax on the chest, stomach, or arms

                                                           vi.      Consider the experience-level of the sub

1.       When working with less experienced subs the primary focus of erotic pain stimulation should be from the hot wax.  Other stimulations should be gentle and tactile and should serve to encourage the sub to continue being waxed further.

a.       An experienced and willing masochist can be massaged with ice cubes, clamped/clothes pinned, etc.  and find it an erotic and fulfilling experience.  Just know the level of your sub prior to attempting these things.  Impact play should not be integrated into a hot wax session due to the high risk of a mishap.

e.      Clean-Up: Removing Wax Once Hardened

                                                              i.      Prior to dripping hot wax onto your play partner you can rub a very thin layer of baby oil over the areas of the body where hot wax will be applied.  Doing so will allow for a very easy clean-up and removal of hardened wax.

                                                            ii.      You can easily remove hardened wax from a lightly oiled body with a wet plastic card, plastic scraper, or a dull smooth-edged butter knife.

                                                          iii.      Hardened wax can also be removed from the skin with ice cubes.  Ice makes the wax very cold and helps the wax to crumble as you are removing it with your fingers.  There is also a certain level of sadistic pleasure achieved from running ice cubes over a play partner that is not particularly fond of cold sensations.

                                                           iv.      If hardened wax must be removed from hair, use a flea comb.

V.                  Safety Precautions

a.       Carefully inspect the playroom area for flammable items which should be removed from the play space.

                                                              i.      Remember that curtains, sheets, bedspreads, cloth or silk restraining and blindfolding materials can catch fire.

                                                            ii.      Have a fire extinguisher close by.

b.      Do not drip hot wax into body piercings.

                                                              i.      Wax will get into the piercing hole and can cause irritation or an infection.

                                                            ii.      Wax can be very difficult to remove from some types of piercing jewelry.

c.       Eye Safety

                                                              i.      Never drip hot wax above the shoulders to reduce the risk of wax splattering into the sub’s eyes.

                                                            ii.      As a general rule, even if the sub is blindfolded, avoid dripping hot wax on the sub’s face to eliminate the risk of facial marks resulting from the hot wax.

d.      Allergies

                                                              i.      Be aware of what allergies or sensitivities your submissive/play partner may have to certain fragrances.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My ILSb Contest Speech

During the ILSb contest each contestant was required to give a speech of up to 120 seconds in length.    I have received several requests to post my speech online for others to read, so here it is.  I began writing this speech several months before the ILSb contest and continued to refine it as the contest approached.

"Good evening esteemed judges…and my kinky brothers and sisters!

I am Alan Penrod, Southeast LeatherSIR … and I am a very blessed man … because I get to share my life with my two boys…both of whom are here with me tonight.

Nitro, who I am honored to be sharing this stage with tonight, has grown into a strong, confident alpha boy … while his brother [Scott] has come to embrace and own his slave heart.

I am telling you about my boys because it clearly demonstrates my role and my responsibility as their SIR; to allow each of them to grow into the boys “they” want to be and to allow each of them have a voice … not only in our home, but in the community that they serve. 

It is my responsibility to teach them how to use their voice appropriately; because it is in the eyes of my boys that others in the community see who I am. 

There is no doubt in my mind!  If it wasn’t for the strength, the love, and the service of my two boys, I would not be the SIR that you see standing here on this stage tonight. 

So, to my beautiful boys … know that I love you and I thank you.

…And to each of you here tonight, thank you for supporting International LeatherSIR/Leatherboy and International Community Bootblack.

Have a wonderful evening!"