Friday, October 21, 2011

Fuck the Politics...Let's Play!

I have had numerous requests to post the introductory speech I gave during this year's Southeast Black and Blue Satruday night contests, so here it is:


Fuck the Politics...Let's Play

Welcome to Southeast Black and Blue Weekend:

Good evening everyone, I am Alan Penrod, International LeatherSIR 2011

Welcome to our first Southeast Black and Blue Weekend!  A weekend where we can come together as a community of “players” and embrace who we truly are as Leathermen, Leather women, and hard playing, sex loving kinksters.

If you are player, no matter what gets you off; no matter if this is this first time you have ever been to the Eagle or whether you have been in the lifestyle for 25 years, this weekend is for you! No matter whether you are gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, transgender, or anything else, if you are a player this weekend is for you!

Tonight, Southeast Black and Blue, LLC is proud to re-introduce to Atlanta and the six states that make up the southeast region, three great players contests that called Atlanta home several years ago:  Southeast LeatherSIR, Southeast Leatherboy, and Southeast Community Bootblack. These three great contests, combined with our Mr. Southeast Rubber contest, have made for one hot, sexy, steamy, play-filled weekend.

This weekend is an opportunity for Leather, Rubber and BDSM players from Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, and South Carolina to come together and show the rest of country why we are still called “the dirty south”!

While the contests are what brought many of us here this evening, this weekend is about so much more.  This weekend we celebrate what it truly means to march to the beat of a different drummer.  This weekend is a celebration of our rich history and an affirmation of our culture as Leather folk and players. 

This weekend is not about community politics, it’s not about having to always be politically correct, and it is not about politically-charged titleholder platforms. This weekend is not about conforming to someone else’s view of how you should act, what you should do, or who you should be.

This weekend is about embracing the sexual rebel that is inside all of us! This weekend is about being who YOU are, it’s about doing what YOU like to do, it’s about having the sex that YOU like to have, and playing the way YOU want to play. This weekend is about marching to the beat of your own drum and being accepted and respected for that!

This weekend and its contests are about the fun side of leathersex, rubbersex, and BDSM.  It is about getting back to why we are Leathermen, Leather women, and rubber players in the first place:  because it’s fun, it’s sensual, it’s hot, it’s sweaty … sometimes it’s just downright dirty … it’s just what we do!

So, to sum up the intent of this weekend of events in a single phrase:  “Fuck the politics, let’s play!

About the Southeast LeatherSIR and Leatherboy Contests:

The Southeast LeatherSIR and Southeast Leatherboy contests embody our community’s rich diversity while remaining true to its history.  If you are gay and legally indentify as a male, you are eligible to compete for either of these two titles

So what are these two contests all about? To find your answer simply open the pages of an old DRUMMER magazine.  This [DRUMMER] my friends is where these two contests began. 

The contestants competing for the titles of LeatherSIR and Leatherboy will be reaching back to our contest’s roots. Reaching back to the days of Drummer Magazine; back to the days of the Mr. Drummer and drummer boy contests of the 70s, 80s, and 90s; back to the days when we celebrated and embraced radical sex; back to the days when we searched for the sexual rebel. Southeast Black and Blue brings back these players contests.

Look in the pages of a Drummer Magazine. Look in pages of today’s radical sex magazine: “Instigator”!  That is what the Southeast LeatherSIR and Southeast Leatherboy contests are all about.

The players community has a rich and beautiful history of leathersex and this weekend we kick-off a new era here in the south of embracing our hard … sweaty…kinky… rebel sex!

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